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January 2017

It has been two years since my mysterious illness and I have worked out with weights, sprints and played softball religiously since being released from the hospital. My present weight is 212 pounds which is a 10 pound gain during the holidays. I was also sick with the shingles for about a week which slowed down my workouts. I have started back with my 5 days a week workouts of three days sprinting and working out two day a week at LA Fitness and doing some pool workouts. To be competitive in the Arizona Senior Olympic I believe I have to lose a little weight without losing muscle and get my times down to 15 seconds in the 100 meters and 8 seconds in the 50 meters.


I competed in the Arizona Senior Olympic event and to my surprise won three gold medals, winning the 50, 100 and 200 meter sprints. It was cold and raining with a light wind that morning. My times were not as good as expected but I blame that on the conditions. All my workouts finally paid off. The 50 meter and 100 meter were close races with my winning at the end. The 200 meter I ran away from a filed of 7 runners (includes myself) and won by a large margin. My first track meet since high school and winning three gold medals made me feel like I have potential to become even a better sprinter.

After winning three gold in the Arizona Senior Olympics Arrowhead Health Clinics contracted me to do an article in their health magazine. Arrowhead is my healthcare facility in Arizona and the treatments and the braces I use when running were fitted and ordered by them. Eventually they decided I would be featured on their cover. I laugh because I never thought of myself as a cover boy for a magazine. They sent out a photographer and I was interviewed. They did an excellent job telling my story and featuring me in the magazine that is widely distributed in the Phoenix area. Below are the photographs used and pages of the article. I think you will enjoy reading the article.

Click on the image for a larger view

Link to the online Healthstyle Magazine Article.

After the magazine article was disturbed in the Phoenix area in June I had a few calls asking that I appear on radio stations and other news outlets. I advised I would when I returned to Arizona in the fall if they are still interested. If your organization would like me to speak to your group about my experiences my contact information is on the card below.

After the Arizona Senior Olympics I continued training for future senior Olympic events and softball. We returned to Indiana in May 2017 and I got back with my sprint trainer and joined a senior softball league. My next senior Olympic event was in June near Columbus, Ohio. John (My Track and Field coach) and I worked out two to three times a week. Although my times were faster at the Ohio meet I only won two medals. A silver in the 50 meter and a gold in a 4x100 event. I came in 4th in the hundred and two hundred meter events. I was satisfied with my performance as all my times exceeded my previous bests.

I continued to workout weekly and play softball after the Ohio event. My next track events would not be until September. I played softball until the beginning of August. After the first week of August, because of injuries to my shoulder and knee (minor) I decided to stop playing softball and concentrate only on my running and track events.

My next Track Meet was in Portsmouth, Ohio in early September. At that meet I won the 50/100/200 meter events. Three more gold medals and all my times continued to improve. A week later I competed in the Kentucky Senior Games in Danville, Ky. I won silver in the 50 and 100 and a gold in the 200 meter event. Again my times were improving. The following weekend I traveled to the Illinois Senior Olympics in Springfield, Illinois. My first event was the 100 meter sprint. I placed tied for second but was awarded the bronze medal because I tied with an Illinois resident. During the event I pulled or strained a hamstring and was unable to compete in the 50 and 200 meter events. (when the final results were posted I was awarded the silver)

This concluded my senior Olympic events for 2017 and I am presently allowing my leg to heal. As soon as it heals I will begin training for 2018 events and qualify for the National Senior Olympics. In 2017 I ended up with 12 medals in 14 actual running events.

The first of November 2017 I again began training for competition. I really felt good and my running was feeling more natural and my speeds seemed to be improving. My hamstring seem to be healing well. On Thanksgiving Day I decided to train before going to a friends home for Thanksgiving Dinner. I really felt good running and even put on my weight jacket. I was running 50 meter sprints and felt like I was running like a deer. On the fifth 50 meter sprint running at nearly full speed my right leg and hamstring again went out on me. I tripped and did a double summersault as it is hard to stop running at nearly full speed, with a weight jacket on, running on one leg. I was so upset with myself knowing I would again have to wait for my leg to heal before continuing training. After about 10 days I started running in a pool at the LA Fitness Gym. It is amazing how you can run in water with little pain. My leg again appears to be healing and hopefully will be healed before the Arizona Senior Olympics in February 2018.

March 2018
Unfortunately I injured my leg again and was not able to defend my Gold at the Arizona Senior Olympic. I am presently trying to heal my legs with easy runs and I am getting knee injections of hyaluronic acid shots to both knees. My next event will be the Indiana Senior Olympics in May. Hopefully I will be ready and healed by then. (To Be Continued)

Below are videos of my Senior Olympic Meets to date.

Arizona Senior Olympics 02/18/2017

Ohio Senior Olympics 06-24-2017

Southern Ohio Senior Olympics 09/09/2017

Kentucky Senior Olympics 09/17/2017

Illinois Senior Olympics 09/24/2017

2017 Senior Olympic Medals - 8 Gold - 4 Silver

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