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Senior Athletics


January 2017

It has been two years since my mysterious illness and I have worked out with weights, sprints and played softball religiously since being released from the hospital. My present weight is 212 pounds which is a 10 pound gain during the holidays. I was also sick with the shingles for about a week which slowed down my workouts. I have started back with my 5 days a week workouts of three days sprinting and working out two day a week at LA Fitness and doing some pool workouts. To be competitive in the Arizona Senior Olympic I believe I have to lose a little weight without losing muscle and get my times down to 15 seconds in the 100 meters and 8 seconds in the 50 meters.


I competed in the Arizona Senior Olympics and to my surprise won three gold medals, winning the 50, 100 and 200 meter sprints. It was cold and raining with a light wind that morning. My times were not as good as expected but I blame that on the conditions. All my workouts finally paid off. The 50 meter and 100 meter were close races with my winning at the end. The 200 meter I ran away from a filed of 7 runners (includes myself) and won by a large margin. My first track meet since high school and winning three gold medals made me feel like I have potential to become even a better sprinter.

Below is a video of the Olympic meet and a slide show of photos taken at the event.

(To be continued)

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02/06/2017 40 Second Wind Sprints

Ray Beaufait 7 50 Meter Sprints 02-08-2017

Ray Beaufait 7 100 Meter Sprints 02/10/2017

Arizona Senior Olympics 02/18/2017

50 Meters

I did not get a great start out of the blocks but hit my stride near the end. I was in 2nd place but took the lead with about 5 meters left in the race. Very close race winning by 1/100th of a second. My thoughts coming to the end was just relax, don't tighten up.

100 Meters

Had a good start from the blocks but again I found myself in Second place. 1st place runner was about 10 yards leading. I thought of coach John's instructions of keeping my shoulders and arms loose and relaxed all the way. I was passing the leader when all of the sudden he lost his balance and fell straight forward on his face and of course I won easily because of his fall. After reviewing the film coach John said he made the mistake of tightening up and trying to accelerate causing him to lose his balance. Since the beginning of my training Coach John has constantly told me to never tighten up.

200 Meters

I won the 200 by 8 seconds which surprised me. There was seven in the race and I was in the number 2 starting spot.. I was very surprised when we rounded the curve (in 200 the starts are staggered) and I found myself with the lead. My only thought was run smooth and relaxed all the way to the finish and my lead kept getting larger and larger. Again I only thought of John's instructions crossing the finish line. Everything stays relaxed.

Arizona Senior Olympics Photo Gallery
2017 Photos

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Ohio Senior Olympics 06-24-2017


Sprint Training 01/11/17 WEDNESDAY

Sprint Training 01/13/17 FRIDAY

01/16-2017 MONDAY

Sprint Training 50 Meters 01-18-2017 Wednesday

Ray Beaufait 50 Meter Sprints 02 01 2017

02/03/2017 100 Meter Sprint Workouts

Ray Beaufait getting ready for 2017 Softball Season

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